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Enviroshake Lifetime Roofing


Enviroshake® is the last roofing system your home will ever need.

Enviroshake® roofing system is a durable and attractive premium quality roofing product. It is the only composite on the market that authentically looks like a natural silvered cedar shake.

The product has been used in high profile new construction and renovation projects such as the Henry David Thoreau home and featured on numerous television shows. Enviroshake® is available across Canada and the U.S. and can be purchased exclusively through Atlantis Roofing as a Certified Installer to maintain the highest level of installation quality.


  • Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty, fully transferable
  • 20 Year Workmanship Warranty
  • Mold, Mildew and Insect Resistant
  • Walkable Roofing System...NO MORE BROKEN TILES!
  • GREEN!!!! 95% Reclaimed Materials!
  • Aluminum Flashing, Drip Edge and Valley Metals
  • Double flashed penetrations
  • Step Flashed Walls
  • Stainless Steel Ring Shank Nails
  • Self Adhered Underlayment
  • Multi Layered Valleys for additional reinforcement!
  • 140 MPH wind resistant with 7" exposure
  • Class "A" fire rating upon request

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4392 Corporate Square #2 Naples, FL 34104


Certified Roofing Contractor: CCC #1327474
Certified Building Contractor: CBC #058832