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What Comes First the Cleaning or the Repair? Featured

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Common question:  Is it better to clean my roof prior to a repair or after?
ANSWER: First, NEVER clean a SHINGLE Roof.  The granules are removed during the cleaning process and shorten the life expectancy of the roof. TILE roofs should be cleaned every 5-6 years.  A licensed roofing company should inspect your roof AFTER for any damage that may have occurred. METAL Roofing Systems can be cleaned as well  BUT never with Bleach.  Caustic chemicals will remove any protective coatings on the panels and in many cases VOID your warranty!
Always beware of harsh chemicals on your roof system. Not only can they decrease the life of your roof, they also destroy landscaping and foliage around your home.  
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4392 Corporate Square #2 Naples, FL 34104


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