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Metal Roof Types

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Metal Roof Material Types

Corrugated galvanized steel describes the original product that was wrought iron/steel sheet coated with zinc and then roll formed into corrugated sheets. This product is still used today in most areas. The newer push of Modern Architecture and “Green” products has brought these products back to the fore ground.

A blend of Zinc, aluminum and silicon coated steel. Sold under various trade names like "Zincalume", “galvalume”, etc. Sometimes left in the raw zinc finish, but more widely used as a base metal under factory coated colors.

Metal tile sheets, most often painted or stone-coated steel.

Stainless steel. Available for harsh conditions and/or as distinctive design element. Usually roll-formed into standing seam profiles but shingles are available.

Aluminum - One of the longest lasting metals, but somewhat expensive compared to steel products. Aluminum roofs are very lightweight, corrosion-resistant, has high natural reflectivity and even higher natural emissivity. These properties help increase a building's energy efficiency. Aluminum products with Kynar paints easily last over 50 years. The newest innovation is Anodizing of the Aluminum Coil stock for use in Architectural details and standing seam panels. Anodizing is imbedded in the grain of the metal and is not normally subject to weathering and wear.


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